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Regardless of the origins of our "external" reality, the power of our perception defines and shapes everything in our experience. There is great power in realizing that what we see in the world is life being reflected back to us as we are within ourselves. When we grasp the value of the opportunity we have before us in the here and now, life becomes a constant gift to us from which we can determine the gift we are for each other.

Personal and Professional Development Series

The main challenge we face in life is the deep yearning to understand who we are, why we are here and where it is we are going. On the surface of life it can often appear chaotic and senseless as we bare witness to at times, miraculous events and at other times, the most traumatic and horrific scenes imaginable. Through observation and experience we struggle to understand why things happen in our own and others' lives and wonder why we sometimes spiral out of control, becoming victims leading to a path of self destruction.

When we observe life through our own perceptions that in itself is putting a unique spin on our external experiences. Quantum physics has now determined that life responds in kind to the ingredients of our thoughts, feeling and actions, which generates a mindset that will directly influence our external reality. This realization is the key factor to self empowerment, but remains elusive until such time we choose to assume complete responsibility for everything that happens to us in our lives. When we do however, life becomes an adventure of self-discovery beyond our wildest imagination and learning the language it speaks will unlock the gift of self awareness and freedom.

The Language of Life is a process of learning to translate what life is telling us about ourselves, unlocking buried limitations, judgments and emotional states that have been impacting our lives without our conscious awareness. Through a shift in perspective and embracing life with a renewed enthusiasm to truly understand who we are, why we are here and where we are going, we develop our ability to change our life experiences for the better through developing a greater conscious awareness.

Language of Life for Business, Athletes, Teenagers and Couples

Everywhere you go, there you are! It is important to realize that no matter what challenges you face, you are always confronted with your own spin you have put on life. The catch is most of your fears and limitations are safely stored away in your unconscious mind where you are not fully aware of them. The Language of Life will help you identify these limiting beliefs that sabotage your ability to perform at your best whether it's in business, the sporting arena or in your relationships. Life is serving a purpose and the purpose is growth and evolution!

Private Language of Life Coaching

In a series of private sessions with Dean, you will have an in-depth opportunity to become aware of repeating patterns in your life experience. Your power lies in this new awareness as you come to a greater understanding of why certain areas of your life are not working on a conscious and sub-conscious level. In order to change things, understanding comes first, and then the creation of a deliberate life blueprint will generate the focus and momentum needed to step into the life you desire. Dean supports you, guides and encourages you on your journey as you celebrate who you are.

The Language of Life Introductory Talk

Dean will provide your group, organization or business with an inspiring introduction to the Language of Life and the affect its powerful principles can have on all individuals and the impact on the collective working with them.

The Language of Life Introductory Seminar: Know Yourself

This three-hour workshop is an opportunity to fully understand the concept of soul agreements, soul contracts, karma and consciousness and how they are all inter related and determine everything we experience in our life. Our ability to respond to life with a thirst to know ourselves will ultimately lead us to self empowerment; the knowing that we each are at cause of our experiences and have the power to effect positive and lasting change in our lives. When we make this a priority in life then we reap the benefits and become a creative expression of the source energy in which we are all connected.

The Language of Life Advanced Seminar: Stepping Through the Veil

After completing the introduction workshop the participants will have established a language of life chart showing clearly an analysis of the different categories of their life outlining the areas where struggle and disharmony are evident. This one-day journey of discovery will enlighten and inspire each person how to decode situations, experiences, the people and some of the more subtle language that their life is expressing back to them. This fascinating exercise then reveals many previously unconscious limiting beliefs, fears, pain and judgments that have been playing havoc in their lives allowing a more highly evolved consciousness to be developed. As this happens people begin to see an incredible transition occurring in their lives which is responding to the changes taking place within.

For further information or to design a Language of Life workshop for your personal needs, or those of your group or organization you can contact Dean directly at 905-939-1071 or email your expression of interest to dean@deannoblett.com.

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