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The purpose of this intensive program is to support you to achieve self-mastery by identifying your true power, daring to dream, clarifying your vision, identifying obstacles and limiting beliefs, becoming greater peace and abundance, and using universal principles to live more fully each day by expressing more of who you already are!

Purpose of the Program

The intention of this Mastery Program is to ignite significant transition for individuals into a full expression of their life mission and purpose so that all others they reach are also inspired.


This life-changing program takes place during the course of time it takes to complete four modules that take place with a minimum of twenty-one days between each module. Inspired change happens upon commitment to the program and with ongoing support of Dean and Rebecca as mentors, and through inspiration of your fellow mastery students. Each mastery student continues their in-depth connection to themselves and Spirit through techniques and processes found in the HeartLight Mastery Journal.

Personal and Professional Success

The universal principles that inspire this Mastery Program, in direct association with the degree that individuals are committed to their path of mastery, will support individuals from the inside out to be the best that they are. This will have a profound positive affect on their personal and professional lives as they become that which they intend to attract which is supported by the universal law of attraction.


Out of this program, practitioners will have focus and clarity to create improved marketing materials (brochure, website, etc.), refine their continued journey of mastery, connect with other professionals, increase abundance in all aspects of their lives and experience the peace of expressing a fulfilled life. Masters will have the tools to continue to expand their natural gifts and abilities to assist the global consciousness shift into the ascension process, but most of all, to express their uniqueness to increase the light on the planet for the highest good of all.

Mastery Program Modules

Each module will be available online soon and comprises a video class presented by Dean and Rebecca and a download of the materials you will need to complete each module. You will be working with various techniques between modules to begin the integration of your vision and therefore there is a minimum of twenty-one days in-between each module. This time allows you to experience yourself as a co-creator of your reality and to continually accept responsibility for your own life journey. There is also an opportunity for on-line communication with fellow mastery students, and with Dean and Rebecca to assist in the transition from the old into the new. Each module must be taken in sequence before you complete and graduate from the program with a certificate of completion.

First Module: THE THREE W's ~ WHO , WHAT AND WHY?

We all identify ourselves by the roles that we play and in fact, this isn't who we are. In this module, you will explore and connect with the core essence of who you are and understand how to bring through and utilize the universal life force energy in powerful ways.


In whatever you choose to do, it is important to know where you are going and set your intentions and goals to align with that. As you develop the blueprint of your vision you are generating clarity and a focus on what it is you want. In this module, you will clarify your life direction and from that, a clear mission and purpose will unfold.

Third Module: THE BRIDGE

When you have created a detailed blueprint for your business or any area of your life, you then create a bridge from where you are to where you want to go and identify and transform anything that doesn't support your vision. There are a number of tools to support your success which will be shared in this module.

Fourth Module: WALK INTO THE NEW

In this module, you will integrate all the principles of creation and utilize who you really are by learning to recognize how you manifest all things in your life. You can now see that you are experiencing externally what you are living on the inside. It is also important to have support as you begin to live your vision and walk into it with boldness and experience your truth and live your life authenticly.

If you are interested in speaking with Dean about the Mastery Program, contact him at 905-939-1071 or by email at dean@deannoblett.com

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