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As a presenter, coach and motivational speaker, Dean Noblett is available to speak about a wide range of topics to help others understand the inherent abilities that lie within them. Each of us have at our disposal the tools and techniques to create what we want on a daily basis. In fact, we are all the time anyway, we only need to make some adjustments and fine tune our "personal software" to change our lives and experience what we consciously choose.

Whether you work for a company, own a business, work from home or you are simply wanting more out of your life, I'm here to help you in whatever way I can!

The Importance of Stress Relief and How to Manage Your Life

Dean speaks about the importance of stress relief and the negative impact stress plays on your work place and personal life. If you are tired all the time, irritable, unable to think clearly and lack energy and motivation to perform at your best, then a reassessment of your priorities is needed to prevent you from getting serious health issues.

There are some simple techniques you can implement into your life that will bring some balance and clarity so you can be more effective in your life. As you move forward into these challenging times, it will be those who gain a greater awareness of the advantages of personal development and integrate certain practices that will reap the rewards of greater success.

A New Way of Being

This enlightening presentation explores the evolution of consciousness and the unlimited expansion of the human endeavour. It is said that we are at the precipice of a new and exciting era. What does this mean and how can we be in harmony with the new way?

Consciousness, communication and community are the ideals and values that are now crucial to the evolution of humanity. Those who now take responsibility for every area of their life and rise above greed, control and the miss use of power, the old way of being, will flourish. We are at a cross road where as we continue to seek our own interests, we must seek to remain in harmony with our fellow human beings and just as importantly, the environment. To continue in the old way will prove to be disastrous.

Be Who You Really Are and Make a Difference

To be who we really are we need to know who we really are. Many people are trying so hard to prove themselves and just be accepted by others and in doing so find that deep down they are unhappy. When we present ourselves to the world from our insecurities about who we think we are instead of coming from that place of authenticity having developed a relationship with our whole self, then we set ourselves up for pain and disappointment.

One of the attributes of the spiritual path is to magnify the soul-inspired aspects of ourselves while rising above the world's expectations of who and what we are. This talk focuses on how we can become more of who we already are and how we can inspire others to do the same.

The Language of Life and Defining Success

Our external world reflects our internal world. Whatever attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, thoughts and feelings we carry determines our consciousness which creates our stories. All we really want is to be prosperous, abundant, healthy and happy and yet these attributes seem to elude most people. Our ability to respond to life with a thirst to know ourselves will ultimately lead us to self empowerment; the knowing that we each are at cause of our experiences and have the power to effect positive and lasting change in our lives. When we make this a priority in life then we reap the benefits and become a creative expression of the source energy in which we are all connected.

This discussion is very enlightening in that we reveal how each of us is at cause of the effects of our reality and we have within us the ability to learn from our stories and to re write the script. So what is your life showing you about you?

Collective Consciousness and the Current Collapse of the World Economy

What is the concept of oneness? Dean discusses this universal principle and how to better understand its expression in your life. We are all part of the whole, meaning we each make up the collective consciousness of humanity; therefore we all play a role in what plays out on the world stage. Consciousness creates everything and affects us personally, our families, our workplace, communities and ripples out to the collective consciousness of humanity. Is it any wonder that the fragile foundation of our economy is crumbling so it can be re built with higher values for all concerned as a necessary ingredient!

Success is an Inside Job

As we know, it is the people that drive the level of success of an organization. Through increasing the awareness of the people within an organization or business and ensuring that they are communicating and functioning at higher levels personally, the consciousness of the entire organization is heightened. Success is an inner process that begins with the leaders at the top and filters down through the organization's human resources and radiates out creating a resonance that determines the outcome. Challenges are only a call to expand our consciousness beyond the consciousness that created the problem and affirms that the secret to a successful organization is an inside job.

If you are interested in booking Dean to speak about a topic or present a series to your group or organization, contact him at 905-939-1071 or by email at dean@deannoblett.com

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