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Where Are We Going?
Posted by:
Dean Noblett
July, 10 2008
As things become more challenging and chaotic, I find I am becoming increasingly infatuated with this crazy journey we are all on together. We are all becoming aware that we often talk about time, or the perceived lack of time, and how life seems to be speeding up and changing at a very rapid rate.

Through the many discussions I have had with fellow travelers, it seems we are asking the same questions as we witness the changing weather patterns and the natural disasters which are affecting the whole of humanity and our beloved planet. When we see the remarkable speed of technological development and how quickly our life course can alter, we begin to wonder where on Earth we are going.

The illusion that time is speeding up is exactly that - an illusion - because linear time does not exist. There is only every NOW moment which is the only reality we can ever experience, in any given NOW. So what is it that gives us the impression that time is moving so quickly? It is the speeding up of the evolution of human consciousness!

If we think about it, as a species, everything we create, everything we experience and everything we focus on is born out of our consciousness. Every thing is first seeded in the realms of consciousness or thought until it becomes manifest in our physical experience and the quickening of our ability to do this is also speeding up our perception of time.

Technology is the perfect example of how fast our consciousness is evolving because it is but an extension of our ability to create. We are using new information and ideas that from the moment a new development is manufactured and released, it is already outdated as more advanced ideas have already been developed.

The best example of this is the electronics industry and, in particular, communication devices such as cell phones and other hand held devices. There are new features enhancing our ability to communicate more effectively and record live events allowing us to share information and world events at an alarming speed. When we realize that this continual process of development is happening constantly, with no possibility of ever reaching a destination the mind boggles at where it will take us!

Evolution is a process that does not end. It has been happening since the dawn of creation and will continue to gain momentum as we move into a greater awareness of who we are and where the dance of evolution is leading us. It is widely speculated already that the computers and other communication devices will become more compact to the point of being small enough to wear on our wrist (remember Dick Tracey?) and eventually contained within a single micro chip that can be carried or stored - who knows where?

The point is that as we surge ahead in the evolution of human consciousness that has no limits and appears to be quickening every year, every month, every week and every day where will it take us?

In the past there have been many different sources that have prophesized the so-called End Times or even Armageddon, but it is also referred to as the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius and a time when we will experience Heaven on Earth. One of those sources is the Mayan Calendar which has prophesized that time as we know it ends in December 2012. The Mayan Calendar is not based on linear time relative to time and location, but on the concept of the evolution of human consciousness. In short, the meaning of the calendar ending in December 2012 is all about a new beginning, not the destruction of the planet as some believe. The old way of existing on this planet as we know it will end, and we will enter a more evolved and advanced way of being and experience a higher dimension of living. We are actually building towards this now and have been since the dawn of creation, and what is so exciting about this is that we are all here to participate in this event as we play an important role in the birthing of this new world.

This whole idea may stretch some of us and what we think we believe, which is always a good thing as that is how evolution works! If we look back over history, and in particular, how advanced we have become over the last one hundred plus years, it is clearly evident we have accomplished far more than we could have ever comprehended at the time, and evolved at a speed not previously seen before. If that is so, then it is difficult for us to comprehend now what we are capable of creating for ourselves and experiencing in the future, yet it is our state of consciousness and evolutionary growth that will determine that outcome. In other words, as we become more aware of our own ability as co-creators and know that our state of consciousness is the spring board for manifesting our experience, then what we choose to focus on in the NOW, will become the new world.

Currently we are witnessing unprecedented events and unusual happenings occurring around the globe. Many difficult scenarios and many wonderful and miraculous things are taking place simultaneously which may appear to be chaotic on the surface. But with the process of birthing the new, there is always the stage of labour just prior to the birth that can be quite painful. However, once the birth has taken place the previous pain fades from memory, paving the way for euphoria and feelings of such joy and bliss that is difficult for words to explain.

Between now and 2012 we are experiencing some labour pains as we are letting go of the old ways of being as evolution steers us towards the birthing of a new world. The pain and suffering of humanity and our planet is nearing its completion and it is our collective purpose to be the midwives of the miraculous birth awaiting us.

As was mentioned earlier, there have been many prophesies about the dawning of a new world and it is upon us now. Can you imagine what it would be like to experience the fifth dimension reality on this planet, the true arrival of Heaven on Earth? The time is now to know and believe with our heart and souls that the Light will prevail and it is possible to co exist with each other and all things peacefully and harmoniously.

This is where we are going and each of us can experience that state of being through our consciousness whenever we decide that it is possible and choose it in our daily lives. It means, however, that we be willing to let go of old fear-based behaviour, negative thinking, judgment and the idea that we are separate from all things - particularly each other! There lies the freedom we are all seeking. It's within us here and now!

The new world supports unity on a global level and a total acceptance of each other as we live together in a totally free and abundant reality. This ideal is on track and this next phase of our evolution is imminent. It will happen and our experience of the transition under way will be determined by our ability to evolve into a higher state of awareness or consciousness that is based on the higher principles of a mutual love and acceptance for each other.

Our ability to embrace our diversity and allow each individual spark of creation to express themselves in their own unique way with respect and acceptance, will pave the way for the birth of unprecedented and extraordinary times never previously experienced on this planet.

As we move forward and become more conscious of what is happening around us we may notice that some people are more advanced than others on the evolutionary scale and more tuned in to what is best for all concerned. Know that this is how it is supposed to be. The more evolved we become; the greater our ability to integrate the higher attributes required to experience this new dimension of living. Through this expanded awareness and consciously choosing the path to an enlightened state, we give birth to the new. This does not mean anyone is better than another, but sets in motion the opportunity for us to work together in a way that is for the highest good of all and we then lead by example to inspire those around us.

What greater gift can we bring to the birthing of a new world? The gift of each one of us who are all in this together!

Many blessings on your journey.



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