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Embracing the Times Ahead
Posted by:
Dean Noblett
August, 13 2008

In my last article titled, Where Are We Going?, I alluded to the challenging times ahead as we birth into a New World. So what does this really mean and how do we navigate through rough waters?

When we observe the world as a whole and see what is happening all around us, it is understandable to think we are totally off the rails and a peaceful existence is beyond our ability to create. Yet in order to do so all the fear-based e-motions (energy in motion) must rise to the surface to be recognized, embraced and dissolved in the higher frequencies of light.

Many think we must resist fear-based behaviour and push it away, but actually we are to do the opposite. We already know that what we resist will always persist. Emotions such as anger, resentment, judgment, guilt, hatred, blame, greed and control have been deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness for eons and we carry their traits at a cellular level and in our unconscious state. By continuing to suppress or deny these feelings in our lives they will always haunt us by there very presence.

What we are witnessing in our world right now is the bubbling to the surface of the fear-based emotions that are manifesting in often violent and vengeful ways. The very expression of these emotions paints an ugly picture in our world, yet it has been at the very core of our Earthly experience for thousands of years. The challenge that faces us now is to transcend these emotions in our own lives and release judgment around it in others lives.

There is only one domain in which we have control over and that is our own lives. Everything else we see on a planetary level is but a manifestation of the collective, so it makes perfect sense that the only way we can contribute to a more peaceful outcome is to look no further than our own backyard. The daily challenges that confront us in our lives are the opportunities to understand what fear-based habits and limiting beliefs we are still holding so that we can then be in a position to choose differently.

During this time of transition we are being encouraged to embrace the challenges that lay before us as the catalyst for changing our ways, learning from the past and creating the new through making better choices. As we witness the misfortunes of others and see how suppression diminishes one's self esteem, it becomes the fuel for seeking liberation, yet can only be gained by tending to our own inner conflicts and feelings of worthiness. It does no good whatsoever to judge others and focus on the negative situations that are out of our control. If we do that, we are energetically feeding into that outcome which keeps it in our reality.

At a time when the energies are continuing to evolve into higher frequencies of love, acceptance, integrity, forgiveness and a deep desire for peace, all that is not in alignment with that within each of us is coming to the surface to be cleared. It is becoming more apparent in those close to us and around us. How we respond to what we see in others is our internal radar as to where we are within ourselves. Do we judge and blame, or do we accept and forgive? This is the only way out of our current dilemmas both globally and personally, and no stone will be left unturned.

Of course we do not condone so called "bad behaviour" but if we are experiencing the wrath of others who are acting out of fear and we react out of fear, then we are forever caught on the karmic wheel and continue to inflict harm on each other. When we rise above the limitations and negativity of others we embrace that which is within us to bring light to our own fears and become a leader into the New World. Remember that nothing stays the same and the new is born in every now moment of our lives.

While we may try to maintain the status quo, all that we hold in opposition to the light, of which the essence is love, will continue to present itself to us in our lives to embrace and transcend. There is no other way to real peace, for it is born through each of us. As more of us are able to take responsibility for our reality and embrace the challenges we face with an honest reflection of our core beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and judgments, the more power we have to change the world around us. But we must first see and acknowledge our role in what we are experiencing.

A good place to start is with our own families and loved ones. It's a strange phenomenon that those we supposedly love the most are those with which are we experience the most conflict. The dysfunction in our families is the best place to start to understand the dynamic of relationships. We seem to be the hardest on those closest to us and often give the worst of ourselves through the expression of our fears and insecurities. Then we set about blaming everyone else for our misfortunes and exhibit our intolerance of how others are treating us.

Here lies the key! When we can give to ourselves that which we are craving from others, it is then that our need for other's approval and acceptance no longer imprisons us in a state of insecurity. Rather, we are liberated in the knowledge that we are the one we are looking for and become secure in the space of self love. We come to know who we really are and all sustenance comes from within where all is birthed in the external experience of our self.

We each are in the driver's seat towards evolving into greater expressions of who we already are. Embrace these challenging times with a zeal for personal growth, responsibility (response-ability) and the opportunity to see where our insecurities are being reflected back to us. When we can do that and learn from our experiences, together we change the world!

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