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Resistance is Futile
Posted by:
Dean Noblett
November, 14 2010

Everywhere I turn people seem to be struggling to make sense of what they are feeling and the extreme challenges they are faced with in their lives. We appear to be so inundated with just doing the best we can to survive that we have lost sight of what is important to us and our most cherished values and desires. In a strange way, life appears to be interfering with how we think it should be, and so we fight against it. Ironic, really.

The thing is, in order to move into the life of our dreams, we must let go of what currently is, in order for what it is we want to be able to manifest in our lives. In my own experience my “old life” was blown apart. The proverbial rug was pulled out from underneath me to catapult me into the chasm of the unknown. I remember being very confused and scared, left feeling extremely vulnerable, as everything seemed to spiral out of my control. The upside to that phase in my life (although I didn’t know it at the time) was that I was being given the opportunity to put into practice all the spiritual ideals and concepts that I had read about and was told about in many workshops. Now I could test the tools and techniques that I had been shown. It was like my right of passage to fully integrating what I had learned and knew in my mind, to actually living it so I could authenticate the potential that is common to each of us. I was also given the time and opportunity to be able to dedicate myself to the ensuing transition and really get clear on what it was I felt I wanted to experience in the future. It certainly wasn’t a conscious choice to leave what I knew at that time, but as scary as it was, I was able to create another life that was beyond my wildest comprehension and experience the unfolding of synchronistic events that I (my small self) could not have orchestrated even if I tried. God always does it better. Why does it take so much to get that?

Since the demise of the old and experiencing the new, my journey has been nothing short of amazing. Even though my small self (ego) wanted so-called control back in my life, my Higher Self (Soul) knew exactly what was for my greatest good and where I needed to go. No matter how hard I tried to get myself back on track and into the game that I had grown to know and understand, the more frustrated I became as to why nothing was working in my favour…or so I thought! It was only when I was able to let go of resistance to what was happening to me and begin to really trust in the process that the magic began to unfold.

I am sharing this with you because I absolutely know from my own experience that resisting what is happening in our life is futile. I am sure you have experienced the same. It causes more stress and anxiety for ourselves and will only push our frustration level to a maximum…and that is not good for our overall well-being. We are currently experiencing a transition into a new way being, and it is during these transitions that the old way has to fall away for the new to become manifest in our field of experience. And here’s the catch: during these times of growth, evolution and transition, it is only our Higher Self (Soul) that knows what is best for us and can lead us into the life we were born to live.

It has been said that we are "dying" while remaining in this physical dimension. In other words, we don’t have to leave our body to be reborn and ascend into a fifth dimensional reality. Yes, there are those that will still leave their body and cross over in accordance with their Soul contract, but that does not mean one journey is any better or worse than another. All is perfect from the Soul’s perspective and that is why we need to completely let go and allow our journey to unfold as it will, regardless of how we judge it to be.

The good news in all this is that the part of us that is dying is the negative ego aspect - the small self that is anchored in fear. What does this really mean? To start, become more aware of all the negative self talk such as, “It’s not possible, I can’t afford it, I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy, there’s not enough to go around, I’m going to get sick,” etc. Every thought and belief we hold that is coming from lack and limitation is what we are now transmuting and transcending, which spells the death of fear and the small ego self. This is the ultimate goal for us to attain.

Please don’t misunderstand me here; I’m not suggesting this process is a walk in the park (although that is highly recommended during difficult times!) It takes a great deal of courage to let go of what we have known and how we have seen the world and surrender to our Higher Self. This does not mean becoming passive and retreating from life. What it does mean is to become aware of how we are limiting ourselves through the old entrenched beliefs based in fear and then become diligent in releasing any pain associated with those beliefs. This action creates a void, or some space for us to then deepen our connection to our Higher Self that will always lovingly inspire us, guide us and nurture us into a greater expression of who we are. This is our purpose and mission: to fully awaken to our true essence and inspire the way for others to follow.

Back to resistance. If we are truly making the transition from the old fear-based reality to one of peace, love and harmony, the way this can be achieved is through the portal of the heart – our connection to that Divine spark that we already are. As we allow the light within us, to be more present in our lives, anything that is no longer for our highest good will ultimately dissolve in our reality. This may not always make any sense at the time, or be a comfortable process, but by forgoing resistance and trusting that our Higher-Self knows what is needed for us to ascend into a higher dimension of love, we make the transition much easier for ourselves. The Divine within us knows our blueprint for being here at this time, we just need to get out of the way and allow the highest expression of who we are to shine through and assist for the greater good in ways that we may not yet see.

The big word here is TRUST. When fear has us tightly in its grip, trusting that life is unfolding always for our highest good - even when it can be ugly - is often difficult. From my experience, the best way to navigate these tumultuous times is to give up resisting what already is in our life (acceptance) and seek the counsel of the Divine Intelligence within us. As we develop this inner reflective relationship and live through our heart (that is continually being opened as we let go of the fear and limitations of the past),in "a blink of an eye" we find ourselves in a place that feels so natural and wonderful. This is the place that has been awaiting our return; the place where peace, love and harmony are found - in the stillness of our open hearts. It is here where we get to experience the freedom of who we really are!

It’s all God…



  From: Jane Martin
  2012 11, 16
What does it mean when a person is diagnosed with a serious illness? What lesson is there except suffering? Was I a bad person in another life? I was a good person in this life, but I have always had to struggle terribly. Please answer, thank you.

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